Sinjet Brushgrinding Machine, Type 3-BIPS

Technical description


The machine is designed for the brush-deburring of items such as end-mills, gears and cutting tool holders. It consists of a base with large covers and is built around a rigid steel frame to minimise vibration and extend its operational life. The large front accessible covers are pneumatically driven and internal lighting facilitates maintenance.

The objects to be deburred are pneumatically clamped in the centre of the machine by means of a chuck. The three brushing units that are situated on the circumference of the chuck can then be positioned according to how the machine has been programmed. 

Sinjet Brushgrinding Machine, Type 3-BIPS

The chuck either rotates or indexes during deburring but may also be moved in or out enabling the deburring of long work pieces, such as drills.

CNC operated axes control the high precision brushing of a work piece.

This machine automatically measures the diameter of the brushes in order to compensate for brush wear whilst being equipped with an electronic control system whereby the operating panel acts as an interface between operator and machine. The control feature of the 3BIPS stores the programmes created for all of your various work pieces.

The machine can also be adapted to an automatic loading/unloading system. 

Technical data

Max diameter:Ø250 mm
Max length:approx. 400 mm
 Chuck on spindle:
0 - 360°, NC-controlled,
0.1° resolution
Radial clamping stroke=25 mm
Stroke approx. 450 mm, NC-controlled
Brush units approx. 350 mm
at max 200 mm/sec
 Brush motors:
2.2kW via frequency inverters 0-2000 rpm
Siemens FM 357-2
 Servo motors:
400V, 50/60Hz - 15kW
Sinjet Edge Honing Machine, Type IBX-12
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