Cordless power tool accessories

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BildOSBORN and DRONCO have developed accessories which are flexible in use, light weight, easy to handle and assure highest precision. The end result will meet all your expectations and fulfill all aspects of work safety. This is the only way to work effectively and get the best out of your cordless power tool.


Cordless is king

More power, longer battery life and no cables: the new generation of cordless power tools, make work easy, even if there is no electricity socket available. 

Battery life and the actual performance of these tools, has made a huge leap in recent years. Cordless power tools are now an alternative for a whole range of users.

Whether on construction sites, or for plumbing, HVAC, janitor services, firefighting and mobile emergency units, cordless power tools are now considered an essential piece of equipment.



Why special tools?

In order to work flexibly and cordlessly, powerful cordless equipment demands the right tools.

Regardless of cutting, grinding, brushing, cleaning, polishing or satin finishing – tools, made for conventional electrical equipment, have a very limited scope. 

They are usually too heavy and generally not sufficiently multi-purpose. Especially for mobile use, where speed and precision are mandatory, conventional tools are not the answer. 

Heavy tools will soon drain the battery and it will be necessary to charge repeatedly. Switching from one tool to the next for different applications is time consuming.





Our experience, your advantage

In the field of special filaments, we have long-standing experience. We have chosen comparatively lightweight materials that are ideal for different applications and materials.

On a specially developed test-bench, we carried out extensive tests to optimize various configurations. The resulting tools have a very effective trim (e.g. abrasive nylon filament), which is both versatile in use and lightweight, in turn battery life is prolonged and battery charging cycles minimised. Positive side effects include reduced imbalance and vibration.

Please note that our optimized accessories for cordless power tools may also be used for angle grinders with adjustable speed.


Vorteile von Schleifnylon

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