Osborn Abrasives

At Osborn, we take pride in delivering results.  We believe in innovation.  Our deep understanding of applications and strong Research and Development system drives us to bring these focuses together to create cutting-edge solutions for the end user – solutions that make a difference.

Copying a good idea is easy, but to bring a better option to the market is not.  Determination, competence, focus, courage, thinking outside of the box, taking pride in results, and the ability to bring ideas to life are characteristics that deliver results, and make the daily grind worth it.



Osborn abrasives set the highest performance standard in the market.  Our products are designed to take on the toughest cutting, grinding, blending, beveling, or deburring applications.  Osborn’s U.S. and Germany-based R&D and manufacturing teams work tirelessly to develop and manufacture products that deliver the performance you need – stronger, faster cutting, longer lasting, smoother cutting.  The best raw materials, product designs, world class prime manufacturing, and R&D excellence come together in Osborn abrasives, and bring performance to the pros who demand the most.